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A new year’s message for Governments… the ABCD way

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As we look toward the year ahead a thought for central and local Governments:

  • There are things that only a community can do – so get out of their way.
  • There are things that a community can do, with some help – so offer to help.
  • There are things that only government can do – so do them.

That’s what will make for a happier and more sustaining New Year for everyone.

Cormac Russell

Author: nurturedevelopment

Nurture Development was established by Cormac Russell in 1996 and since then, we have been the leading Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) research, development and training organisation in Europe. We are one of eleven strategic partners of the ABCD Institute, and the lead partner in Europe. We have worked as ABCD social explorers, trainers, mentors, facilitators, researchers and consultants with change partners and disruptive innovators around the world. These include Communities, Charities, NGOs/NPOs, Faith-based organisations, Think tanks; local and national Governments in over 30 countries. Our ambition is to support the proliferation of inclusive, bottom up, community driven change. We aim to achieve this by supporting local communities and supportive mediating/civic organisations to create the conditions where any neighbourhood can identify, connect and mobilise its assets to the benefit of the whole community.

One thought on “A new year’s message for Governments… the ABCD way

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